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Welcome to the Resources Page. A treasure trove of information, it has enough resources to to help you out in the areas of Business Process Management, Business Transformation, Change Management, Program and Project Management, Lean and Six Sigma. 


On this page, you will find articles, tools, and case studies to help you get a decent the areas that we cover, and a basic understanding of our activities in these areas.

Going forward, we will be posting new material regularly, as they become available. 

So visit this page often to stay up-to-date. 

Also visit the blog postings to participate in discussion forums, provide your comments on the different postings and share your ideas with the community.

Project / Program Management

The Project Management Office

PMO Essentials Part 4 - The Relationship between Project, Program and Portfolio Management "Keeping it Simple Series" - A Project Management TutorialProgram Management Office survival for the small to medium business. View this presentation to gain improved...

Building a Strategy for Integrating Program Management, Project Management and Knowledge Management

Traditional project management theory defines successful project completion as completing a project on-time and on-budget. But first an organization needs to have a process for ensuring the selection ...

Project Management Body Of Knowledge_PMBOK_4th Edition.pdf (PDF — 3 MB)

Business Process Management (BPM)

Business Process Management BPM. Improve business processes.

Business Process Management Software (BPMS) manages processes and the attributed information in a simple and intuitive way, allowing your employees to focus their time on process improvement and execu...

Innovation Saves Lives: How Business Process Management can improve Patient Care

Together, through business process management, IBM and The Ottawa Hospital brought reform to the healthcare management system and the circle of care. In a big hospital, the constant influx of pati...

Change Management
Top 5 Change Management Methodologies

The discipline of Change management has evolved significantly over the last decade, giving rise to a number of methodologies. Following are the top 5 in use Today (in 2018):

AIM (Accelerated Implementation Methodology

Steve Jobs talks about managing people

"we are organized like a startups"

A Brief Introduction to Change Management

Developed and produced by Paul Brown, 'A Brief Introduction to Change Management' is the first of a management series and delivers a concise and very accessible intro to Change Management.

Change Management vs. Change Leadership — What's the Difference?

John Kotter discusses the difference between "change management" and "change leadership," and whether it's just a matter of semantics. These terms are not interchangeable. The distinction between the ...

Business Transformation
Top 5 Change Management Methodologies

Steve Jobs - Inspirational Speech "If today were the last day of my life"

My favourite quote from Steve Jobs. A tribute for one of the greatest innovators this world has ever seen. RIP Steve Jobs.

Leading Business Transformation - The Human Perspective

This Business Process & Change networking session, titled 'Leading Business Transformation - The Human Perspective' was held at Granite Consulting on the 17th of July 2012. The session was facilitated...

Business Transformation: Why Do Companies Struggle?: Interview with Lars Gollenia

Lars Gollenia, Global Head of Business Transformation Services at SAP, explains why companies frequently fail in their business transformation efforts. Speaking at a special summit held at IESE, Golle...

Business Transformation Toolkit

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