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Unveiling the Futuristic World of South Korea's Humanoid Robot Technology

With over 900 industrial robots per 10,000 employees, South Korea has the world's highest density of industrial robots. Its robots win international competitions and are at the forefront of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence development. It accounts for many landmark innovations, including:

  • The first humanoid robot to conduct a national orchestra in a live concert,

  • The first humanoid robot to pilot an airplane,

  • The first country to release humanoid robots to roam independently among pedestrians.

South Korea has also deployed robots widely throughout its workforce, playing an increasing role in healthcare, manufacturing, education, airports, restaurants, and beyond.

This makes South Korea one of the best fertile grounds for robotics research and implementation. In South Korea, the robotics future is now unfolding.

Join us as we explore the South Korean humanoid robot technology!

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