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The Perils of Overmonitoring Your Behavior and Goals


Some people are pretty oblivious to time. They work crazy late, but they can’t remember what they did, they forget to eat, and they go through life in a bit of a haze. For people in this category, the current trend of self-monitoring, whether through time trackers likeToggl or fitness trackers likeFitbit, plays a critical role in helping them take ownership of their time and live happier, healthier lives. That’s a good thing.

But for those on the opposite end of the self-awareness spectrum, overmonitoring can have dire consequences. Instead of living life, they make life a test: Did I wake up on time? Am I answering everyone’s emails in an acceptable time period? How do all of my numbers look? Did I estimate all of my to-dos for the day accurately? Did I eat the diet du jour that’s supposed to give me the most energy while still being environmentally friendly? Did I…? Did I…? Did I…?...


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