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How to beat facial recognition systems with Face Anonymization


The year 2019 has shown itself to be unprecedented for consumer privacy concerns, and there are no signs of this trend slowing down. Via a number of avenues, such as Netflix’s new series ‘The Great Hack’, consumers are being exposed to a suffocating reality, that the idea of privacy is quickly vanishing.

There have been various natural responses to this growing concern, one of which is the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short. This new regulation aims to empower consumers (EU Citizens and Businesses), to retain more control as to how, where, and to whom their data is distributed. The regulation is built around consumer consent, aiming to bring back control to the individuals or businesses, while regulating the activities of larger organizations.

While initiatives such as GDPR have certainly moved the power imbalance slightly back towards the individual, the fact remains that it's practical/active use-cases for the individual are harder to quantify.........


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