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Unlocking Internet of Things for Business: Turning Data into Action is the Key


Without a doubt, everyone associated with enterprise technology has heard about the Internet of Things (IoT). This latest technology phenomenon has dominated the conversation around the consumerization of IT through the latest smart devices and prototypes being introduced to market. 

As IoT continues to gain momentum, we are seeing more and more instances of where its relevance is being introduced to business. Industries across all verticals are developing innovative technologies such as sensors and mobile devices that are able to collect data and resources valuable to ensure competitive advantage and customer satisfaction. 

While the new tools and smart devices are exciting, the revolutionary business value behind the IoT movement can be overlooked. The data itself, not the device in which data is collected, holds the transformation gains IoT can bring to business. 

This white paper examines how business must look to modern application platforms as the bridge connecting the data available from new smart devices to business processes and business transformational value. An application platform approach to IoT allows business be made aware, become knowledgeable and take action on data from a new world of sources, resulting in process innovation and competitive advantages unknown before.....


(To read or download the whitepapaer, please follow the link below)

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